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Personal Protective Equipment: 
COVID-19 PPE Request Forms- EMS/ Healthcare Provider
We ask that you submit your forms by noon on the following days:
(For follow-up questions, please call 404-852-0250)
  • Saturday for Tuesday deliveries
  • Monday for Thursday deliveries
  • Wednesday for Saturday deliveries
 PPE Resource Request Process Update from the Georgia Department of Public Health as of March 24, 2020.

We know that most providers are struggling with a lack of PPE and some have had some luck with seeking face masks from local nail salons, schools out of session, veterinary and dental offices and paint, auto and construction stores.  I think some folks are making their own as well.  Reaching out to these potential community resources might also offer your volunteers some telephone work from home as well as currier care should supplies be identified.  I’ve also heard that not all hospitals are in desperate need so you might try that too and ask for PPE upon admission with referral from hospital to home. 

There is an EMORY website HERE offering processes to conserve and reuse PPE.  I suggest that when you get the referrals from the hospital you ask them to supply some PPE, some hospitals are not as short as they are getting it first.


Tips: Maximizing Nursing Home Visits During COVID-19



Attached is a variance notice for the fingerprint criminal background check requirements that will provide some flexibility during this challenging period, it will be posted to the GHPCO and to the DCH website and DCH will ask DPH to share in COVID-related communication. For now, the language is for the period of the State of Emergency, but DCH may update the notice if needed based on when the providers begin to re-open so that organizations have a sufficient grace period to comply with the requirement. Please click here.

 Thank you for everything you are doing in these extraordinary times to promote the safety and well-being of the hospice community in Georgia. 


Letter/ Organization ID Templates: 

As you and your staff continue to navigate the COVID – 19 Crisis on the front lines of healthcare it has come to our attention that maneuvering through the various counties and their curfew restrictions can be challenging for your staff.  Please note that our colleagues in other states, along with GHPCO board and legal support, GHPCO has crafted two letters for you to consider customizing on your letterhead and sharing with your field to carry with them as they travel caring for hospice and palliative care patients.  Please also remind them to carry their employer ID at all times.  In the event they are stopped after hours by law enforcement, they can share their ID along with a copy of one of the attached letters and our partners at the state government assure me there should be no issues.

Thank you again for all that you are doing to care for our most vulnerable population during this unprecedented crisis!

Law Enforcement Letter

Verification of Employment


A Message from Palmetto GBA:

Palmetto GBA is aware of the critical nature of the Coronavirus pandemic and acknowledges the important role we must play as the situation evolves. As we all adapt to the circumstances caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, ensuring the continuum of care for patients and enabling employees to safely perform the essential functions of their jobs is a top priority. 

We deployed our continuity of operations plan late last week and continue to take steps to ensure the safety and well-being of our associates. Our service quality is, of course, a high priority as this situation evolves. We are committed to continue the regular processing of claims and issuing of payments and to continue providing you with the same level of support and service you are accustomed to receiving from Palmetto GBA.

Medicare directives that affect beneficiaries and providers are likely to evolve, and these changes are expected to provide greater access to healthcare while limiting the risk of exposure. Visit our website for the most current and up-to-date information.

 Providers are also encouraged to monitor our TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn channels as we will post all emergent information through those platforms. Watch for or search hashtag #PalmettoGBACOVID19.We continue our commitment to the safety of the patients and communities that we serve together and are working diligently to minimize any disruptions you may experience. 

Palmetto GBA's Commitment To The Community During COVID-19

Emergency and Disaster Instructions












State and Local Veterans Resources

Each state has its own department of veterans affairs and many counties have county veteran service officers to assist with both state and federal veterans benefits. Both of these state and county resources can be extraordinarily helpful. The Georgia Department of Veterans Service is an agency of state government created for the purpose of advising, counseling, and assisting Georgia’s veterans and their families in receiving their rightful benefits under the vast and complex framework of veterans’ laws.  They can be reached by visiting     

Veterans Service Organizations

Veterans service organizations are non-government organizations that support veterans and promote their interests in communities and with local, state and federal governments. There are dozens of VSOs, and some are chartered by the VA to provide benefits assistance. Many unite veterans who served in particular wars or come from a similar ethnic background or region. You can access the VA’s comprehensive directory of VSOs at  

GHPCO can help you find VSOs that may be able to assist you. While our list is not all-inclusive, we have listed on the following page several of the larger and more active organizations that will likely have a presence in your local community. You can go to their websites to find further contact information.

The following pages contain helpful contact information for a variety of veterans services. If you need assistance, GHPCO can help you find the appropriate web address or phone number, as well as help you fill out any necessary forms.   Find the complete Veteran Resource Guide here!