GHPCO is committed to the quality of care delivered in every community throughout Georgia.  To that end, GHPCO established a Quality Committee that encourages a variety of approaches that GHPCO provider members can use to monitor and improve the quality of the services they provide to their patients and families.  We are committed to making resources available to providers about quality standards, best practices and regulatory requirements while preparing them for future public reporting mandates.


  • Promote quality and performance excellence in palliative and end of life care
  • Ensure appropriate information on quality and compliance standards is disseminated to the membership.
  • Increase member involvement in GHPCO’s Quality Demonstration Project or other initiatives both on a state or national level to enhance quality of hospice and palliative care.
  • Increase networking and sharing of best practices within GPHCO members.
  • Strategically prepare GHPCO members for public reporting mandates.


  •  Provide the membership with access to networking and best practices through the implementation of a GHPCO closed Facebook group.
  • Coordinate education programs with GHPCO education committee to best meet the needs of the members on QAPI and compliance related topics. 
  • Partner with NHPCO and other Hospice Organization on quality projects.
  • Enable the membership to work collaboratively with GHPCO to impact state and national issues pertaining to quality and compliance.
  • Identify current issues of concern of hospice and palliative care members that require attention by CMS, fiscal intermediaries and other regulatory organizations.