State and Local Veterans Resources
Each state has its own department of veterans affairs and many counties have county veteran service officers to assist with both state and federal veterans benefits. Both of these state and county resources can be extraordinarily helpful. The Georgia Department of Veteran Services can be reached at and is a tremendous resource for Georgia veterans!           
Veterans Service Organizations
Veterans service organizations are non-government organizations that support veterans and promote their interests in communities and with local, state and federal governments. There are dozens of VSOs, and some are chartered by the VA to provide benefits assistance. Many unite veterans who served in particular wars or come from a similar ethnic background or region. You can access the VA’s comprehensive directory of VSOs at  
GHPCO can help you find VSOs that may be able to assist you. While our list is not all-inclusive, we have listed on the following page several of the larger and more active organizations that will likely have a presence in your local community. You can go to their websites to find further contact information.
The following pages contain helpful contact information for a variety of veterans services. If you need assistance, GHPCO can help you find the appropriate web address or phone number, as well as help you fill out any necessary forms.
Veterans Administration Toll Free Phone Numbers
• VA Benefits – 1-800-827-1000
• Healthcare Benefits and Enrollment – 1-877-222-8387
• Status of Headstones and Markers – 1-800-697-6947
• Suicide Hotline – 1-800-273-TALK (8255)
• Special Issues (Gulf War-Agent Orange-Ionizing Radiation etc) – 1-800-749-8387
Important Websites
  • National Council on Aging (NCOA):  

    which includes practical tips and resource recommendations from geriatric health experts and advocates, such as:

    • PACE programs, which use Medicare and Medicaid to help older adults get nursing home-level care 
    • Benefits such as the Aid and Attendance pension that help veterans offset the costs of long-term care
    • NCOA’s BenefitsCheckUp tool which helps older adults identify their potential eligibility for benefits and programs

Obtain DD-214 Military Separation Papers

• Website –

• Form SF-180 is required documentation for all other benefits –   

Replacing Lost Medals

• Request medal replacement by using the eVetRecs online application –

• For online SF-180 application –

  • For paper application use SF-180 and mail or fax

 VA Benefits

• Website –             

• To obtain correct forms use             

Other Benefit Forms

VA Pension, Aid, Attendance and Medical Expense

• VA Form 21P-527EZ, 21P-8416, 21-2680

VA Health Enrollment

• VA Form 10-10EZ

Spousal Pension, Aid and Attendance

• VA Form 21-22, 21P-534EZ, 21P-8416, 21-2680

DIC or Accrued Benefits

• VA Form 21-22, 21P-534EZ

Compensation for Service-Connected Injury

• VA Form 21-22, 21-526EZ

Burial and Funeral Allowance

• VA Form 21P-530

Advance Directive and Living Will

• VA Form 10-0137

Authorization to Disclose Personal Information to a Third Party

• VA Form 21-0845

Statement in Support of Claim

• VA Form 21-4138

Intent to File a Claim for Compensation/Pension

• VA Form 21-0966

Burial in a VA National Cemetery

Eligible veterans, spouses and minor children may be buried at any of the 131 national cemeteries at no cost to the family.

• Website –     

• For eligibility check website – Generally, veterans who die on active duty or veterans who were discharged under conditions other than dishonorable are eligible. Spouses and minor children may also be eligible.

• Your funeral director will often be able to help schedule a burial–  Your funeral director will often be able to assist.

Private Burial Allowance

Eligible veterans choosing to be buried in a private cemetery may still be eligible for burial allowances and other memorial benefits.

• Burial in a private cemetery –

• Burial and Interment Allowances –

Military Funeral Honors

Families or funeral directors may request military funeral honors on behalf of a deceased veteran. Department of VA National Cemetery Administration staff can also assist in arranging military funeral honors at a VA National Cemetery.

• Website –        

• Check website for eligibility. Generally, veterans who die on active duty or veterans who were discharged under conditions other than dishonorable are eligible.

Headstones or Markers

The VA furnishes upon request and at no charge a government headstone or marker for the grave of any deceased eligible veteran in any cemetery around the world.

• Website –              

• Check website for eligibility. Generally, veterans who die on active duty or veterans who were discharged under conditions other than dishonorable are eligible.

• File a claim for a standard headstone –

• VA 40-1330 is submitted by the next of kin or representative.

United States Flags

A United States flag is provided, at no cost, to drape the casket or accompany the urn of a deceased eligible veteran. Generally the flag is given to the next of kin after its use.

• Explore eligibility and request a flag –   

• Check website for eligibility. Generally, veterans who die on active duty or veterans who were discharged under conditions other than dishonorable are eligible.

• You may apply by completing VA form 27-2008. Generally, your funeral director will be able to assist you.

Presidential Memorial Certificates

The Presidential Memorial Certificate is signed by the current president and provided to honor the memory of honorably discharged deceased veterans.

• Website –

• Eligible recipients include the next of kin and loved ones of honorably discharged diseased veterans. More than one certificate may be issued.

• You may apply by completing VA Form 40-0247 and mailing or faxing as indicated on the form. Funeral directors will often be able to provide assistance.

Veterans organizations

Disabled American Veterans: Founded in 1920, the DAV is dedicated to disabled veterans and their families.

American Legion: The American Legion was founded in 1919 as a patriotic organization for wartime veterans.

Veterans of Foreign Wars: The VFW dates to 1899 and pledges to “honor the dead through helping the living” through service.

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America: The IAVA is the first VSO devoted to veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

National Association for Black Veterans: NABVETS addresses issues concerning black and minority veterans.

Vietnam Veterans of America: The VVA is devoted exclusively to Vietnam-era veterans and their families.

American Veterans for Equal Rights

AVER informs, supports and advocates for LGBTQ veterans nationwide.